Music You didn’t know you wanted to listen to.

Here at TME.FM Radio we are always looking at new ideas,listening to new music,watching new videos so we thought lets have a Sub Domain (what ever that is) and provide our followers with a place to listen watch read the music You didn’t know you wanted to listen to.

Obviously provides all the latest  news of the music being played on the station regularly and provides the weekly chart albums to listen to.

Here you can listen to the rest and quite possibly the best music that hasn’t made it onto the other sites.

Why not just have one BIG website you ask. Easy. To keep the staff from stagnating and being complacent with what we have. Make ’em think about new ideas,listen to more music and give you the public more pleasure.

Its Time Folks to listen to that music,not just today’s but yesterdays and tomorrows too.

You didn’t know you wanted to listen to it but we sure do.

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