Normaly I review albums but the other day I received this single from SONNET who provide great service and artists to the radio.

ME FOR QUEEN – JESSICA immediatley caught my attention,I wasnt paying attention I was drinking coffee. For five minutes the coffee cup stayed half way between the table and my mouth, I then checked what I had just listened to and put it staight to the top of the radio playlist.

Second listen(without coffee) impressed me even more.What a voice,sounds like everyone you love but different. What lyrics. What five and a half minutes of pure pleasure.

I then read the following on the internet.

“I attended a songwriting workshop last summer. It was a hugely inspiring few days, and I was thinking a lot about the value and role of Art and the Artist, as well as what and who we choose to celebrate and/commemorate in our society, over the years, and what gets lost along the way.

“I had the idea to write a song as a monument to a person I know. It took another six months to come together. For some reason I couldn’t get it to work on the piano. Then when I came to finishing the words, I was living in an apartment without any access to a piano, so in the end I just had to find a way to make it work on the guitar! Necessity is the mother of invention …”

Well Mary that was a damn fine workshop you went to.

Me for Queen aka Mary Erskine is inspired by people and their stories.

Her piano-led “soul-folk” draws obvious comparisons to Regina Spektor and Carol King but manage to fuse hints of Kate Bush and Laura J Martin. Mary says Me For Queen is “a sketchpad for whatever’s happening in my head. I just try to write songs that talk to people.”

A classically-trained pianist, Me for Queen’s live sound showcases her exceptional keyboard skills as well as her thoughtful approach to arrangement.

With a pure love of cycling and the outdoors, in 2015 she decided to honour the relationship with her bike by writing an album about cycling which the Guardian picked up on, writing:

“She voices the frustration and the sensations of danger many of us face. White Bike is a gentle, folk-like ballad with Erskine’s beautiful, soaring vocals chronicling a cycling fatality from three perspectives – ‘when you rush on by that corner where a ghost is chained with flowers, you need to know that we still see you and the fate that could be ours.”

Her EP “Who I am and What I am For” was released through Seahorse Music in February 2017.

“Erskine is blessed with a profound skill in the art of songwriting (not to mention a compelling voice) but also with a deft sense of storytelling…” Edinburgh Metro.

Live review: “Me For Queen….delivers a solo performance of beauty and power. Shorn of her usual band, her exceptional piano skills take over and with the clarity of her voice, produce some breathtaking moments.”

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