Fine songs come one after the other on Doug Adkins new album.

Dougs new album has everything a country/ americana album needs. Small Montana towns,Heros Of The Lost Highway,Dirt Roads and Fence Lines Never Ending and of course Not Enough Whiskey.
It also has wonderful musicians, crinkly crackly gravelly voices and excellent production. Oh and the songwriting on Doug’s 11th album is high-calibre.

After spending more than a decade touring Europe Doug hasnt lost his Montana accent or his memory as the album is almost a “auto-Biography” of life in Montana.
To be released on 30 April I have had the pleasure to have had a copy to play on the radio for a few weeks now in fact the album is that good we made it Album of the Month for March. Hopefully by the time of release “Dirt Roads and Fence Lines” will have appeared in the RMR charts which it fully deserves and will get him noticed in his home country.

go to and pre order your copy of “Dirt Roads and Fence Lines” and get practicing you line dancing.

So to sum up one has to wonder just how much longer Doug will be living in obscurity in the good ol’ U.S of A. He has all the hallmarks of an exceptional singer/songwriter, “Dirt Roads and Fence Lines” is poised to be a vessel for his lyricism that will garner him a much more substantial fan base.

An interview with Doug will be appearing when I have finished preparing the questions ( Doug will probably released his 12th album by then).

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