Our FLAC service is now online and called TMEFOLK RADIO.

    Beta testing went well and TMEFOLK RADIO is now live for everyone to enjoy.
    Playing a great mix of Americana, Folk, Blues, Roots, Country and more old and new songs.

    Just add https://streams.radiomast.io/tmefolk to your favorite player.

    Or if you use iPhone/iPad then add http://ingest-ams.radiomast.io/tmefolk to the VLC app to listen to the lossless sound of flac.



    A great year for Josie Bello and her album “Can’t Go Home”

    One of our Spotlight albums, “Can’t Go Home” has continued to rise on the weekly RMR Rock and Roots Rock Charts during the last few months and now the yearly charts are out and Josie seems to be everywhere.




    Well done Josie and well deserved. Now to wait for the next album!


    Number 29 on the New York State yearly chart.


    Number 36 on the yearly Roots Rock chart.


    Number 68 on the main Rock Chart.


    The song charts are littered with Josie’s songs, go to https://www.rootsmusicreport.com and check them out.