Music You didn’t know you wanted to listen to.

Here at TME.FM Radio we are always looking at new ideas,listening to new music,watching new videos so we thought lets have a Sub Domain (what ever that is) and provide our followers with a place to listen watch read the music You didn’t know you wanted to listen to.

Obviously tmefm.com provides all the latest  news of the music being played on the station regularly and tmefolk.com provides the weekly chart albums to listen to.

Here you can listen to the rest and quite possibly the best music that hasn’t made it onto the other sites.

Why not just have one BIG website you ask. Easy. To keep the staff from stagnating and being complacent with what we have. Make ’em think about new ideas,listen to more music and give you the public more pleasure.

Its Time Folks to listen to that music,not just today’s but yesterdays and tomorrows too.

You didn’t know you wanted to listen to it but we sure do.



TME.FM Radios ALBUM OF THE MONTH  rocks up to #2.

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Northwest Music Scene Review.

The 14 new tracks were recorded at the famed Blackbird Studio in Nashville by a production team led by Grammy-winning producer, drummer and songwriter Tom Hambridge. The group of A-list players involved also includes Michael Rhodes on bass, Reese Wynans on piano and Hammond B3, Pat Buchannan and Rob McNelly on guitar, and the “Heart Attack Horns,” led by Bill Bergman and Lee Thornburg. If this wasn’t enough fire power, Allchin and Hambridge recruited Niki Crawford, Wendy Moten, Seattle soul man Mycle Wastman, and international blues super star Keb’ Mo’ to join in on vocals, rounding out the all-star team.

The core quartet opens the album on the rockin’ blues shuffle “Artificial Life,” with Allchin extolling the turmoil and tribulations of the modern day working man blues. The team then heads south of the border on a rollicking trip to “The Mexican End,” an easygoing four-on-the-floor groove with hot horns and blistering lead guitar. Allchin then cranks up the volume for the heavy-hitting track ‘Bad Decisions,’ featuring more molten fret work and organ from Wynans on one of several songs co-written by Hambridge. The mood mellows for the introspective ‘Healing Ground,’ with Allchin trading verses with Keb’ Mo’ speaking to the precious gift of life that surrounds us and the power of healing available to all, if we will only listen.

The house-rockin’ shuffle “Blew Me Away” features the “Heart Attack Horns,” who bolster Allchin’s guitar chops on a good old-fashioned song about falling in love at first sight. The piano driven “She Is It” continues the theme as he testifies to the virtues of the love of his life during the easy pop ballad. The gang whips out all the Nashville cat tricks on the blazing boogie woogie instrumental “Just Plain Sick,” trading hot licks like old pros. The barn-burning “Friends” rolls out like a staple from the B.B King songbook, with Allchin delivering a sermon on trust and being wary of fair-weather toady’s and sycophants. Allchin dons an acoustic guitar to emphasize his point and our need for peace and understanding delivered via the easy-going country blues of “You Might Be Wrong,” celebrating our differences in a party atmosphere to sell an important life lesson.

The second instrumental on the record centers around soaring guitar melodies and intertwining harmonic lines that ebb and flow with emotion. The edgy “Don’t Care” finds Allchin playing the role of a man done wrong and standing his ground while his guitar does most of the talking. He then digs deeper into the blues for the torch song “Stop Hurting Me,” featuring dulcet piano from Wynans and a solo from Allchin that rips like Gary Moore. The tender tribute “My Father’s Eyes” will touch the hearts of anyone who lost a parent at an early age and longs for them to know how much they are missed and still loved. The album closes with a third guitars-driven instrumental simply titled “Destiny,” with Allchin pouring out the passion he feels for this magical instrument through his fingertips.

Jim Allchin describes the collection in the album notes as a study in the decisions we make in our life about identity, relationships, and “how to live life authentically.” Themes reflected in the lyrical content and in the choice of every note from his cerebral guitar work and soulful vocals. This is quite an album; the stuff dreams are made of.

Legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen

Legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen has died at the age of 82, according to a Facebook post on his official fan page. His music label Sony Music Canada has also confirmed the news.   “We have lost one of music’s most revered and prolific visionaries,” said the post on the Facebook page. The page … Continue reading

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TME.fm has a new site.

If you are reading this you already know but you don’t know why.
The old blog site has been wonderful and will continue by importing posts from here but it has its limitations,no forum,no shop and slow.
With this change we will eventually have all that and more all for the benefit of you the readers.

In the forum we will be able to decide on the best look for site,inform everyone about artists you know but we don’t,and any other ideas you have about most anything.Maybe have a few artists pop in to have a chat or PR companies promoting their artists.

I personally love this theme for the site but over the next few weeks I will be publishing lots of different looks so you all can help to decide. (think about that.)

With the new site we will be having a new schedule and of course with the forum the request section on the radio will be almost real time dont worry I won’t be talking.
2017 is going to be a big year for us all here at TME.fm so it will have its own page on the menu so you can see the specials we have planned.Also we all can decide if we stop at 320kbps or drop the quality a little so those with lower bandwidths have less problems streaming.

What about the artists? here it will be much easier for them to reach out to the listeners/readers,one of the ideas bouncing around for 2017 is to have an artists hour but when? morning here is bedtime there so again discussion on the forums will help there too.

A shop? why not I have lots of cd’s that have been used once only that I can sell to help run the radio(it’s not cheap),actually I had a shop on the internet before thats were the “callsign” comes from,it was called The Music Emporium  so we have TME.


I always see TME as time therefore you see pages called about time scheduled shows called Bed TiME.

A page labeled Friends where organizations can publizise themselves.

As for the music played on the radio that won’t change hopefully get better but that is in the hands of the musicians/singers.

I will keep you all updated regularly as the months pass by.

Thank you everyone.

Who is going to tell Jasmine about all this?