Wildwood Kin’s – Warrior Daughter (Single)

I think we can all accept that there are not enough women in the music scene at the moment. Being an all female outfit can often been seen as a gimmick, but in reality it’s anything but. Let me introduce you to all female Wildwood Kin, an Exeter based indie-Americana act. The trio recently released their latest single ‘Warrior Daughter’. It’s taken from their forthcoming EP, produced by Jamie Evans (Mexicolas) and mixed by Brad Spence (Radiohead, Coldplay, Alt J).
There’s a distinct Alt J feel to ‘Warrior Daughter’ in the instrumental. Fast and detailed but not overdone, the music has a rustic feel that combines perfectly with the smooth vocals that seem to melt together. Lyrically, the song is bold and empowering. ‘Warrior Daughter’ feels fresh faced and original, it’s easy to like and leaves you feeling like you’ve struck on something wonderful in discovering Wildwood Kin.
The trio consists of sisters Beth and Emillie Key and cousin Meghann Loney. This probably accounts for how well their voices blend into each other. 2015 saw the band release their Salt Of The Earth EP and subsequently receive BBC radio play, and the rest of 2016 sees them continue their non-stop touring schedule. Like a snowball accumulating energy, Wildwood Kin seems like a rather unstoppable force.

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