The Young’uns – Another Man’s Ground

I’ve been closely following the progress of these Teesside lads over the decade since I experienced their tentative early outing on a singers’ night at Stockton Folk Club. They may not have quite bowled me over on that occasion, but I sensed a tremendous potential even then. Great individual singers for a start, but with an unusual empathy and prescience when singing together, including an inordinately keen grasp of harmony; then as a bonus a vigorous and upfront performing style and a truly canny choice of material ranging over the whole folk spectrum. Since then, Sean Cooney, David Eagle and Michael Hughes have progressed in leaps and bounds, and inevitably matured apace (tho’ I guess that, having thus far stuck with their nominated group moniker, they’ll always tend to be regarded as new kids on the block!) – to the extent that a couple of years back they took the brave and risky decision to give up their day-jobs and take to the musical road professionally.

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