Due to requests to change the schedule to suit the world-wide audience of TME.fm Radio today we start the new schedule.

Seven shows that rotate during the week to give every time zone a chance to listen to them.

It will of course mean a lot more work for the producer and broadcaster but we feel that the listeners deserve to be listened to.


TOM……….Plays a lot of Americana.

DICK………Plays a lot of his Favorites.

HARRY…..Plays a lot of Country.

MATT…….The Gospel of Promo Albums.

MARK…….The Gospel of Folk.

LUKE……..The Gospel of the Charts.

JOHN…….The New Gospel.

The full schedule can be studied on the schedule page,where else?

Another improvement is the new featured Artists feature that will start on the 1st of November. Full details can be seen on the events page at tmefm.com

There you can also buy the birthday boy a cup of coffee or two.

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  1. Good Stuff this Morning!!!

  2. Thank you kind sir.

    Next time leave a comment on the new site please 'cos no one else does

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