Sian Evans – Cold Feet

Sian Evans’ journey with music has seen her explore the continent
playing numerous festivals and connecting with the full spectrum of pro
muso’s over numerous genre’s and styles. These days she be settlin’ into
a fine concave of folk/roots, alt-country/soul-grass and folk music
being the master nest fuelling last years EP “How time has treated thee”
with Aria award winning producer, Govinda Doyle, featuring the single
“Take me Home” pondering the simple joys, and title track “Blackest
Crow”, Sian’s version of Traditional American folk song, amongst a few
other mountainous ditty’s showcasing her fresh banjo slinging skills.
With the latest release of new single “Cold Feet” produced by Josh
Schuberth in Love Hz studios, Sydney, and featuring Gareth Mewes on
Fiddle and Mike Haydon on percussion, the breathy rollicking pop-country
ditty is a sequel to last years single and currently in line for a
Queensland Music Award.

Her creative endeavours have spurred successful projects in dinky
ragtime/jazz (Pollysassin), flood-folk/new-grass (The Rusty Datsuns) as
well as her own solo gypsy-jazz/ roots works (Bessy-Lou).

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