Battle of Broken Hill – Handsome Young Strangers

It’s an absolute pleasure to pretty
much see out 2016 at pretty much where we came in, raving about
Australian celtic-punk bands! It’s been another outstanding year for the
Aussies with both The Rumjacks and The Go-Set continuing to tour like
crazy all over the world leaving nothing but good wishes and lot’s of
new fans in their wake. Well hopefully we can soon add Handsome Young
Strangers to that list as it would be criminal plain wrong to
not tour this, especially in London! Now Handsome Young
Strangers are not a new band they actually formed way back in 2004 as a
sort of loose collective and it wasn’t until 2007 they recorded for the
first time, the Shane Warne EP in honour of the hard drinking and hard
living Aussie cricketer. This was followed by another EP, Melbourne
Town, in 2009 and in 2011 their debut album Here’s The Thunder Lads! hit
the streets and the following year another EP, Thunderbolt, was their
last release till now. They could quite rightly consider themselves some
sort of super group given the amount of talent in their ranks including
past and present members of, among others: Sydney City Trash, The
Rumjacks, Roaring Jack and The Bottlers….

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