Winter Wilson Far Off on the Horizon not so far off now.

Two years ago Kip and Dave released  Ashes to Dust  by far the best folk album of 2016,  13 excellent songs which highlighted the couples skills.

This year they have disappointed  us  with their new release “Far Off on the Horizon”.

Only 12 gorgeous,luscious,timeless songs. If they spent less time strolling on the beach we could have had 13 or even 14, you can never have to much of a good thing.

Once again we have a variety of songs that people can actually relate to, emigration with “The Ship it Rocked” made even more special with the fiddle of  Marion Fleetwood who appears on the title track too and what a title track it is. Poetry as good as Mr Cohen gave us.

“Another night and sleep won’t come;
I’m staring at the ceiling.
Just my thoughts for company
And the sound of my own breathing.
There’s a battle raging in my head,
The saints against the sinners.
Oh restless night, oh restless night,
The ghost of you still lingers.”


Love makes an appearance with the song Grateful for the Rain (Billy Boy), I thought I had put an Avett Brothers track on until Kips voice finally joined in. A track to play again and again.

I Cannot Remain sends out a message about the 21st century that every MP should listen to very carefully, Kips  accordion adding just the right touch to the words.

I could go on describing all the songs but why bother you can listen them on TME.FM Radio.

“Far Off on the Horizon” will be our ALBUM of the MONTH for February so you will get plenty of chances to catch the 12 songs.

The reaction of the listeners around the world has been excellent,with almost all at a loss how Winter Wilson are not “famous” are almost unknown “outside the UK” and “Lacking the recognition they fully deserve for the musical skills and songwriting brilliance”.

I would personally like to thank Kip and Dave for sending the album for airplay and reviewing before the 25th January release.

Oh and they are over the moon to be going on tour with the legendary Fairport Convention. They have been invited along as their special guests to play twenty eight shows across England between January 25th and February 25th 2018.

The tour will coincide with the release of “Far Off on the Horizon”. See the dates here.

For me “Another night and sleep won’t come;” because I want to listen to more Winter Wilson.




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