Motel Mirrors – In the Meantime

Will Sexton has joined forces with wife, Amy Lavere, and her fellow Tennesseans, John Paul Keith, and Shawn Zorn to become part of a band called Motel Mirrors. The band hails from Memphis and has named their debut disc, “In the Meantime” bringing to mind a certain John Hiatt song (although come to find out Hiatt had nothing to do with it). The band puts together a unique combination of country folk, honky-tonk, rockabilly and vintage rock and roll.

The disc starts out with a honky-tonk telecaster lead and an Everly Brothers style harmony by John and Amy on “I Wouldn’t Dream of It”. Amy lays out a gentle country vocal over a slow country rock anthem of an independent woman with “Things I Learned”. “Blue on Blue” is a gentle guitar theme with a vague bittersweet lament for lyrics.

“Let Me Sweet to You” is a classic country plea for forgiveness from John’s smooth voice. The Telecaster is unleashed on Amy’s country tear jerker, “Dead of Winter Blues”. “Paper Doll” recalls some of Buddy Holly’s rhythm, lead, and vocal styles, gently rocking a country song. Sexton surrenders on the bluesy, “Do with me What You Want” swinging a rocking lead by the tail like a cat.

Will and Amy sound more like Johnny and June Carter Cash on “Loving in the Morning” so much that you can almost hear the train coming down the track as the sun rises. It’s back to the Everlys and a fine Telecaster solo for Mr. Keith’s “Remember When You Gave a Damn”. Amy’s gentle vocals on the title track backed by Will’s guitar and voice, air unspoken doubts that arise in a relationship during times apart.

Sexton croons a country dirge on “Funerals in New Orleans” about the death of a familiar bar patron. The Mirrors close out the disc with a raucous “The Man Who Comes Around” about growing up in a family watching a series of men come to visit Mom while Dad works.

“In the Meantime” is a fine studio representation of a set of songs that the Motel Mirrors really stretch out live. The songs are diverse in composition and presentation. Sexton, Lavere and Keith have a fine album here, that deserves some country and Americana airplay. It deserves a few rotations in your CD player as well.

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