Taking Longer than we thought.

Radio is playing but not everything connected to it is yet.

There is no autodj at the moment so if stream stops it stops. why?

Centova Cast who provide a service with autodj recommend using LATEST DEBIAN OS.  Go to the link below to see we are telling the truth.


But Centova cast autodj doesn’t work on the lastest stable debian OS and their support has told us we have to sort out the problems ourselves!!

The problem is with something called mp3gain and this is the comment from our wonderful Sysop Pixie,

“- latest debian (9) is already stable for I think over a year already .. so its nothing new ..

– the version before the current stable debian 8 also didn’t have mp3gain .. have to go back to debian 7 to see it in the default repository.
– even when mp3gain is installed manually it still doesn’t work..
so if mp3gain is their argument .. that means their support OS info would ne outdated like 4 years or something…
that would be pretty unacceptable for a product they’re actively still selling.”
Now we have complete trust in our little Pixie and we will not be renewing Centova cast so a new autodj has to be installed. The money saved by not paying for Centova will be donated to a worthy cause.


Also SHOUTcast cannot get our radio to show up on their station list and we are shown as private. We have to create a new account, remove old account, create new account exactly same as old account then delete newly created account and use the new old account again.
If you understand that you are better than me.
Internet software providers are antiquated Dinosaurs and almost impossible to get reasonable support from them.

I want my tmefm radio NOW!!!!


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