After a month of heartache,headache and ass-ache everything is working. We are public and all the players are playing. Links link so you can use your favorite media players. DJ’S are DJing and i’m still making the coffee.

Our thanks to our lovely little Pixie who as Sysop has had to put up with incompetent support,bad tempered radio owners and a lack of sleep. She is a diamond.

Now to find her more work. You all know what they say about idle hands.

So whats next? Radio wise the same, great music, great quality and no adverts.

Website wise in a few days the domain transfer will be completed and you all should see a difference in loading time. Also the cut and pasters will be bringing you  more reviews and news items. A video section will also be added.

We are also offering a second site dedicated to the dedicated artists who don’t make the charts but deserve to and don’t get the airplay either. There you will be listen to their offerings and decide to buy their albums. Listen to the best of the rest

Spring has arrived and TMEfm Radio has got the spring back in its steps.

Oh and if anyone reads this tune into the radio we lost a lot of listeners over the last month and it will be a long slog to get them back.

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