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Joan Armatrading has been making glorious music for over 45 years. She has the gift of story-telling and the talent to combine it with melodies that transcend the generation divide. A fact that is demonstrated superbly on her new single “I Like It When We’re Together”

The song gets straight to the heart of the matter. There’s no shilly-shallying with this message, it’s clear and to the point. Its very directness takes it from the personal to the universal, it’s a sentiment everyone has felt (and sometimes wished they’d expressed more often). 

In Armatrading’s own words, “It’s a song that I hope will bring people together. This is why we are on this planet after all. It’s to like being with one another.”

The positive message of the lyrics is echoed by the jauntiness of the music yet there is still an element of the poignant, something Joan Armatrading does so well.

“I Like It When We’re Together” is from her forthcoming album Not Too Far Away out May 18 through BMG. 


On Not Too Far Away, Armatrading presents 10 new tracks that take the deeply personal and make it universal. It is Joan at her very best.  A love album of intensity that gets better on every listen.

From the Cri de Coeur of the opening song, “I Like It When We’re Together”, to the heartfelt “No More Pain” where she jumps straight in with “This pain is my protection”, these are lyrics that don’t prevaricate, they tell it how it is. In that seemingly effortless way of all good writing, they touch the heart and mind of the recipient. Listen to “No More Pain” here:

There is the haunting and rather melancholic “Cover My Eyes”, the tough and complex “Invisible (Blue Light)”, the wistful “Not Too Far Away” title track infused with longing, and the instantly memorable and anthemic “Any Place”. From “Always In My Dreams” with its solo piano accompaniment to the jaunty “This Is Not That” there is a glorious array of rhythms and tempos.

Not Too Far Away is Armatrading’s 21st album and, once again, she has written, sung, arranged and produced all the tracks as well as playing all the instruments except for drums which she programmed. It comprises the studio follow-up to the genre based trilogy, This Charming Life (2010), the jazz orientated Starlight (2012) and the blues based Into The Blues (2007), which went straight to the top of the Billboard Blues Chart, making Armatrading the first British female artist ever to do so.


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