For a Month “Can’t Go Home by JOSIE BELLO will be our Spotlight Album.

How could we almost forget to make this great album our SPOTLIGHT for a Month, easy, go on holiday.

The lyrics to the songs are beautiful, Mother’s Love should be covered by everyone famous, a song that has everything, problem is a cover would not have Josie’s voice which makes the song almost perfect. I love Five and a half minute songs that leave you thinking ” it can’t be finished yet”

With songs like Crush the album deifies placing it in any genres, which is great in my opinion I dislike genres but have to use them for the charts. Crush could be #1 in the Blues chart or Roots Rock or even New York State, yes RMR have State charts too.

So Much More for me is the weakest song on the album, remember an album without a weak song, I don’t know the voice sounds “tired”, maybe it is supposed to be.

Kit House starts out great, then the voice enters and it gets better. 10 out of ten for lyrics.

Two Trains would be my favorite if I had one, it’s fun and the vocals are so ……. vocal, love the guitar riff too, do people still use that term? Show case song for showing the class of the artist. A singer/songwriters song.

The Title track is a song that grows on you, every listen you notice something new, you want to put it on repeat if only to hear the lovely fade out.

The other songs? I need more listens, not many more but more to be certain.

The album is VERY professionally produced, the balance between voice and music excellent, no musician trying to say “hey Mum i’m Here” with the instrument.

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