Chris Gardner’s “Hangin’ On The Line” Moves Into The Top Ten On Roots Americana Chart

Houston Tx (September 17 2019) – Chris Gardner’s “Hangin’ On The Line” album continues to rise on the charts.  Now in its 15th week the eleven song compilation finds the top ten by rising to number 9 on Roots Music Report’s Americana chart.  (see above)  When asked for a remark on how it feels Chris had this to say, “I wrote these songs and then began working with Andy Bradley at Wire Road Studios. Andy surrounded me with world class session musicians and as we progressed through the recordings we realized we might have something rather special.  Once it was mixed completed it was ready for Bill Wence to release it to the stations.  Talk about being excited and anxious all at one time.  Then it began to rise up the charts while John in Houston was continuing to let the stations and the publications know it was out there.  Now to think that “Hangin’ On The Line” is in the top ten with Rodney Crowell, Chris Stapleton, and the other greats in that category well that is just something else.”   “Hangin’ On The Line” Musicians include: On piano Paul English, bass Rankin Peters, Drums Tyson Sheth, Guitar Wayne Turner, Guitar David Gellego, On steel Brian Thomas, fiddle Hilary Sloan, background vocals Tommie Lee Bradley.
KPFT Show hosts invite
Chris to share his story
Chris visits with KPFT’s Tom Tranchilla and co-host Eric of The Songwriter’s Studio. The ever popular Tom Tranchilla show is the listener’s choice on late Sunday afternoons in southeast Texas. The mic was hot, the stories interesting, and the humor poured across the air waves.  “These are two great guys, great questions and we did indeed have fun.”
– Chris
Videographer Tan Truong (West Side Recording) Shoots
Complete Video Music Library of “Hangin’ On The Line” 
The audio recording sessions were over and Chris wanted to do something a little bit different with the release of his new upcoming album “Hangin’ On The Line”.  So he decided to call professional videographer Tan Truong and inquire about the possibility of shooting a complete album from beginning to end in front of a live studio audience.  Tan liked the idea, added some thought to the project, and a date was set to shoot it at Wire Road Studios in Houston.  There on a Sunday afternoon with Andy Bradley at the helm the musicians came in, tuned up, and then something really cool was about to take place.  It was decided that the video would be shot without stopping.  All eleven songs would be shot just in the order as they are on the album in front of the live audience.  The countdown began and these masters of recording sessions were absolutely flawless.  From the beginning to the end it came down just like the old days of analog sessions.  You go for it in one take.  Now Chris is releasing one track at a time and soon the complete audio collection of “Hangin’ On The Line” will be a music video collection as well.  Below is the second track from the album, just released this week.
From Hanks
Americana Radio

“Chris Gardner from Houston Texas
is a great Americana singer. So be looking for Chris’s new album on Hank’s Americana Radio” – Hank

Just click on the arrow below to see the live action that took place at Wire Road
Chris Joins Music Talk Show Host Allen Weissman in Chicago Illinois on
“In A Nutshell

Shot at Comcast Studios last month and due to be streamed to over a million viewers later this month the shoot was something else.  Show host Allen Weissman shares, “Chris is a true gentleman my wife and I enjoyed both the green room and on set  visits.”
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