The End Of TME

    In the near future tmefm radio will disappear to be replaced by RIFF & ROOTS RADIO.

    A change in server has forced this decision on us and we feel sad but also excited.

    When the change happens it will be sudden so check at riffroots.com to listen.

    We will be on https://www.internet-radio.com/ so search for RIFF & ROOTS RADIO.

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    1. wishing you every blessing as you move forward through this new beginning!

    2. Thank you very much for the years with a great music selection and good luck with the new start.

    3. Hello admin,

      *.pls or .m3u are possible filenames for playlists of VLC, but the content is missing. This would usually be:
      In TME.FM this has been:

      .m3u or .pls are possible extensions for playlist files used by VLC to contact this server.

      Hope i do not annoy you too much 🙂


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