The start of RRR (Riff & Roots Radio)

    The new replacement for TMEfm is Riff & Roots Radio locally known as RRR (pronounced however you want, I think Triple RRR sounds good). The music will be the same.

    And it is now live!

    There is a player on the website or a stand alone browser player here https://a6.asurahosting.com/public/riff__roots_radio

    The URL for media players is https://a6.asurahosting.com:7420/radio.mp3 It works on Clementine so it should work on the others too.

    The site has a working SSL so the web site is secure and protected therefore there is no problem using Paypal to donate (when I get round to installing it)

    This site (TME.fm) will disappear soon so now is the time to say Thank you for everything listeners and I will look forward to seeing you at RRR (Riff & Roots Radio) so it is not really goodbye.

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    1. Good luck and much success with the new gig!

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