Songs on very heavy rotation for the first seven days of july.

  Rod Picott – The Ballad of the Magic Rats Silas J. Dirge – Hear Its Roar (When It’s Black) Veronica Lewis – You Ain’t Unlucky Michelle & Jason Hannan – Everything I’ve Got’s in Tennessee Mark Collie – Queen of a Hungry Heart (The Wager) Morgan Wade – Wilder… Continue reading

TMEfm Radio album of the month for July is EG Kight – The Trio Sessions.

EG Kight has a direct connection to the planet, and Mother Earth has paved a path of strength, power, and grace that EG travels every day. Nestled in rural Georgia, EG has grown deep roots on her land, originally settled by her great-grandfather. Her passions include her music, her God,… Continue reading

TME (Pronounced) TIME to say goodbye goodbye to songs from 2020 on rotation.

Yes it’s that horrible day when all songs from 2020 are removed from all rotations. That doesn’t mean none will get played just not on a regular basis. So this weekend we will be featuring songs from 2020 among our usual promo tracks and our rotations. Thank you everyone for… Continue reading