MISSING PIECE GROUP will tailor a publicity and imaging campaign catered to your project’s specific needs. We provide editorial services along with targeted outreach to major national and local print, online, television and syndicated radio outlets. Our communications with leading music writers and New Media tastemakers focus on delivering impactful stories that generate positive awareness for artists. We pride ourselves on our work with NPR and public media outlets, and have a successful track record of placing stories on nationally syndicated public radio programs heard by millions.


We will work with artists to build audience reach, engagement, and conversion across all digital, social, and mobile channels. We partner with all digital streaming and sales outlets to promote our clients’ releases, create and manage content rollouts on artist social networks, manage paid media campaigns to build awareness and sales, and keep our projects prominently featured with all new developing media opportunities.


We provide strategic planning and experienced guidance to help new music initiatives reach their full potential. Marshaling our capabilities to provide in-house press, radio promotion, partnership development, online / public media marketing and more, Missing piece will act as a full service virtual label for your release.


Whether you are looking to expand your radio presence with additional station pick-up and increased spins, or spread the word about your project via feature stories and interview opportunities, Missing Piece Group will plan and execute a national radio campaign tailored to your needs. We work with some of the most talented radio promoters in the industry to service music to both commercial and public radio broadcasters, getting your songs added to stations’ playlists and climbing the charts. Our strong relationships with public radio stations and producers opens the door to some of the most widely listened to and highly regared programs on the air today, giving your music the broad exposure and essential context it needs to reach new fans.

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