TME.fm Radio Page

So this will be the page belonging to our one mp3 320 streaming station, also our most popular with the listener.

Here you can listen or find all the other options available for listening on phones, tablets, laptops, PC’s Alexa, google Home Action and a variety of TV Apps, wait who listens to radio on the TV?

We have always had an eclectic playlist but we will have an eclectic eclectic playlist on changeover day.

There has always been Country but now there will be Texas, Queer, Alternative, Modern, Contemporary, Rock, Australian, Canadian and British Country. Some Outlaw and Red Dirt too. Might include a Country Road too.

As for Blues we have old and new.

Folk are queer and we have them all, Rockin’, Tradin’, Celtic, Americans and Brits. We might even have some Beans on Toast.

Our Rock rocks, Psychedelic, Hard, Pop, Alternative Indie, Soft, Modern and of course Classic.

You will Hear Bluegrass in all its forms.

Roots we have reggae and Rock and I am sure a few underground.

Hip-Hop, Dub, Electro, House do not hold your breathe while waiting to hear some.

Yep there will be Pop provided.

Some Jazz will be thrown in occasionally.

Might hear some foreign stuff but no Classical, we do have some instrumentals though.

You will not hear my voice cos’ I have no mic’ well that’s my excuse truth is I stutter.

We will play albums in full from track 1 to the end when we want.

Artists will be featured.

Songs played by theme hours.

Songs played because I like them.

Songs provided by PR Companies, Record Companies or the artists on their own nous.

A lot of songs but no Christmas ones, I hope.

Notification of what is happening will appear on the website front page and will be sent to the Social Media.


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