Brent Best

Last Chance Records is pleased to announce the release of Your Dog, Champ, the highly anticipated solo album from the Denton, Texas-based singer/songwriter Brent Best, who is most recognized as the engaging front man for New West Records’ recording artists Slobberbone and The Drams. Your Dog, Champ, which was completely… Continue reading

The Lancashire Hotpots

After almost saying goodbye to the North’s best comedy band following their greatest hits they had a change of heart and have released a new, eighth, studio album. With a clear country and western theme both in sound and design, ‘A Fistful of Scratchcards’ feels more like a return to… Continue reading

Hank Smith & Lindsey Tims – Impulse

The knockout vocals of Charly Lowry make Dark Water Rising’s soulful roots tunes worthy of attention; the tasteful arrangements and alluring harmonies increase the allure. Banjoist Hank Smith and fiddler Lindsey Tims teamed last October to release Impulse, a masterful collection of classical-Americana crossover and progressive bluegrass instrumentals. Georgia trio… Continue reading

Dwight Yoakam – Second Hand Heart

Dwight Yoakam recalibrated his career with 2012’s 3 Pears, returning to his former home of Warner and reconnecting to the nerviness of his first albums. With Second Hand Heart, Yoakam continues this unfussy revival, sharpening his attack so the record breezes by at a crisp, crackling clip. Once again, he’s… Continue reading

Houndmouth – Little Neon Limelight

  Houndmouth have embraced the concept of “loosely tight,” delivering a rollicking fusion of boogie-fied retro-rock and folk-flavored Americana that’s been carefully crafted to sound casual even though this band clearly worked out these songs with meticulous care. The “loosely tight” vibe served Houndmouth well on their first album, 2013’s… Continue reading

The Plott Hounds

I would highly recommend ‘Living Free’ to anyone, regardless of the ‘box’ they put themselves into genre-wise, since we get a bit of everything on the album. Regardless of whether you enjoy the heavier rock sounds, the more ‘country’ style of songwriting, as seen on ‘Drinks With Ghosts’, or the… Continue reading