December is here With Miss Bix as Album of the Month and Big news for Blues lovers.

New Album of the Month “Miss Bix & The Blues Fix – We Don’t Own The Blues” Hits the Really Heavy Rotation.


Big News for Blues lovers.


Radio BluesFlac the new Flagship Flac Blues Station has entered Beta Testing and you can all listen when ever you want. We have waited years to be able to stream in FLAC and thanks to all the great Blues PR companies we have more than enough to fill the playlist 24/7/365.

Website is up and running to, slowly.

And we owe it all to Radio Mast for providing the chance to do it.

We are honored to be involved in a very small way with this new venture and looking forward to years of satisfaction with their service.

So how does it work? We play music and you listen. But behind the scenes there is much to do.

Albert of Radio Mast explains it better than I could.

“We’re pleased to announce Ogg FLAC stream hosting is now available from Radio Mast!

With an Ogg FLAC stream, you can finally deliver a perfect audio reproduction to your listeners with zero loss in quality, for the ultimate audiophile listening experience.

Ogg FLAC streams start at just $++/month for +++ listeners, and include all the perks of our standard streams, including global delivery through our CDN, listener statistics, HTTPS streaming, and more.

What is Ogg FLAC?
FLAC is a lossless audio codec that creates a bit-perfect reproduction of your original audio for your listeners, while still being more compact to store or transmit. FLAC is open source, mature, and widely used by music enthusiasts.

Ogg is a container format which packages up the compressed FLAC audio in a format that makes it possible to stream over the internet. Ogg is what makes FLAC streaming possible, so all “FLAC” streams are really “Ogg FLAC” streams.”

Legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen


Legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen has died at the age of 82, according to a Facebook post on his official fan page. His music label Sony Music Canada has also confirmed the news.


“We have lost one of music’s most revered and prolific visionaries,” said the post on the Facebook page.

The page also said that there will be a memorial in Los Angeles at a later date, and that the family is requesting privacy now.

TME.fm has a new site.

If you are reading this you already know but you don’t know why.

The old blog site has been wonderful and will continue by importing posts from here but it has its limitations,no forum,no shop and slow.
With this change we will eventually have all that and more all for the benefit of you the readers.

In the forum we will be able to decide on the best look for site,inform everyone about artists you know but we don’t,and any other ideas you have about most anything.Maybe have a few artists pop in to have a chat or PR companies promoting their artists.

I personally love this theme for the site but over the next few weeks I will be publishing lots of different looks so you all can help to decide. (think about that.)

With the new site we will be having a new schedule and of course with the forum the request section on the radio will be almost real time dont worry I won’t be talking.
2017 is going to be a big year for us all here at TME.fm so it will have its own page on the menu so you can see the specials we have planned.Also we all can decide if we stop at 320kbps or drop the quality a little so those with lower bandwidths have less problems streaming.

What about the artists? here it will be much easier for them to reach out to the listeners/readers,one of the ideas bouncing around for 2017 is to have an artists hour but when? morning here is bedtime there so again discussion on the forums will help there too.

A shop? why not I have lots of cd’s that have been used once only that I can sell to help run the radio(it’s not cheap),actually I had a shop on the internet before thats were the “callsign” comes from,it was called The Music Emporium  so we have TME.


I always see TME as time therefore you see pages called about time scheduled shows called Bed TiME.

Where was I, ah the shop,prices will be low so that the high postage cost will nor deter customers but more about that later.download

A page labeled Friends where organizations can publizise themselves.

As for the music played on the radio that won’t change hopefully get better but that is in the hands of the musicians/singers.

I will keep you all updated regularly as the months pass by.

Thank you everyone.

Who is going to tell Jasmine about all this?