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… And I’m too afraid to be alone

At its core, attraction is a wondrous thing. How many stimuli have that kind of physical and emotional control over the individual? To be moved so vividly by someone else that your behavior changes in their presence; to feel that strongly about another human being; it’s natural, and yet it often feels totally unnatural. Attraction is as powerful as it is beautiful, an overwhelming sensation that Driftwood capture perfectly in their new song “Too Afraid.”

Oh am I falling for your lies again
Falling for your lies again
But you look so damn good

If I look into your eyes again
Look into your eyes again
Well it feels like going home

Listen: “Too Afraid” – Driftwood


City Lights - Driftwood

City Lights – Driftwood

.A song about falling uncontrollably hard for someone else, “Too Afraid” focuses on the fatal attraction experience: “Sometimes there are women that strike your fancy to the point where you lose a bit of yourself,” explains Joe Kollar (vocals/banjo).

It’s also easy to lose oneself in Driftwood’s music. The band pulls upon a pastiche of warm American roots and folk influences, landing somewhere in-between The Head and the Heart and The Lumineers in terms of sound, while offering a fresh, if not timeless perspective on the individual experience through harmonious music and lyrics. The group’s instrumental arrangement – which consists of Dan Forsyth on guitar and vocals, Joe Kollar on banjo and vocals, Claire Byrne on fiddle and vocals, and Joey Arcuri on bass – might be considered ‘traditional,’ but they wield their instruments with polished grace. In a music landscape where electric so frequently replaces acoustic instrumentation, Driftwood’s music provides an anchor to a past that is still very much the present.

Driftwood © Marc Safran

Driftwood © Marc Safran

“Too Afraid” opens with a sweetly seductive interaction between fiddle and bass, where the fiddle plays a hypnotic, repeating arpeggio sequence over punctuated bass hits. The combined effort is light, yet incredibly evocative: In a sense, it’s the perfect backdrop for a personal story. “Oh am I falling for your lies again,” sings Kollar as the verse opens. His words are raw and humble, his demeanor vulnerable as he places this interest over himself. That elevation of another, and the subsequent submission and reduction of oneself, becomes especially resounding in the chorus and second verse:

But I’m too afraid
Yes I’m too afraid to be alone

You talk like you should be my friend
Talk like you should be my friend
So tell me what it is that you want

Oh am I losing all my lines again
I’m losing all my lines again
But you look so fucking good

In his explanation of this song, Kollar notes that “Too Afraid” is, for him, about “the power of a beautiful woman,” but the song is obviously so much more than that. “I’m too afraid to be alone,” he sings. Sometimes we know something is bad for us, but we want it anyway. Loneliness is one of the hardest to cope with – so perhaps that special someone isn’t right for you, but at least it’s something. Rather than explore the intricacies of that mess, Driftwood stick to the surface and leave the diving to the listener.

“I think everyone knows someone (close or distant) that makes them weak in the knees and maybe act differently as a result,” says Kollar. Those who have known love, and perhaps more so those who have known a truly fatalattraction, can easily relate to Driftwood’s lilting melodies and uncertain, scrambling lyrics. It doesn’t matter who you are, or how confident you might appear. Every Samson has his Delilah.

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Bruce Cockburn- States I’m In
The first single off of Bruce Cockburn’s latest release “Bone On Bone” from True North Records.

Pre-order ‘Bone On Bone’ now:
True North: http://bit.ly/2ufirbM
iTunes: http://apple.co/2ufrV6y
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2v9ynsh

* All photos by Daniel Keebler
Edited by De St Croix

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Saturday Sessions: Jade Jackson performs “Aden”
Rolling Stone says Jade Jackson is an up-and-coming artist you need to know. Jackson grew up in the small town of Santa Margarita, California, in a house free of television and computers. Her father’s record collection provided entertainment – and inspiration. At 13, she began writing and performing songs and after college formed a band. Her debut album “Gilded” was produced by Mike Ness of the punk band Social Distortion.

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Lilly Hiatt – “Trinity Lane” [Official Video]
From the new album ‘Trinity Lane,’ available August 25. Pre-order now: http://ift.tt/2ta1IW7

Directed by Michael Carter

NURIEL “Beautiful Day” Video

Jerusalem based indie rock band NURIEL is pleased to announce the release of their debut single and music video “Beautiful Day”!

In the summer 2015, brothers Yonatan (singer-songwriter) and Michael Attias (cello) joined up with long time friend and drummer Tzvi Solomons to make music. They were joined soon afterwards by brother David Attias (lead guitar) and childhood friend Benny Firszt (bass). Lively and thoughtful debate, playing out of over a period of time, inspired them to name the band NURIEL.

NURIEL’s music rapidly caught the attention of the diverse music scene in their hometown of Jerusalem. The band has filled many prestigious venues with enthusiastic crowds, resulting in a loyal and growing fan base. They have also performed and collaborated with numerous acts, sharing the stage with the likes of Feter Hendel and the New-York-based trio Zusha.

NURIEL’s musical style infuses folk with intricate harmonies, driving rock, and world music. Their sound is said to be meditative and uplifting; a combination of evocative music and thought-provoking lyrics that slide easily into the psyche to resonate with the soul.

Following a string of sold out shows, the band released their eagerly awaited single, “Beautiful Day,” on April 2nd 2017. The release has received warm feedback and favorable reviews.

NURIEL’s debut EP is scheduled for release during summer 2017.

Get up on the latest with NURIEL on 

The Rive Video Team
 John, Kenny, JP, Kim & Alicia

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Live – Chiliwack, BC Canada

New video out now from Courtney Marie Andrews

We’ve got a fun treat for you here: a new video from Courtney Marie Andrews! It’s for her song “Put the Fire Out” and features her vintage camper van in a lovely ode to the road.

“This old RV is the biggest piece of work that’s ever come into my possesion,” Courtney says, “but also the most fun when we can get it to run. “Put the Fire Out” is a tune about getting back to ones you know and love after spending so much of your time on the road. By the end of the video I get there, but it takes a long drive.”

Liked on YouTube: Leeroy Stagger – I Want It All [Official Video]

Leeroy Stagger – I Want It All [Official Video]
True North Records welcomes Leeroy Stagger to their roster!

Leeroy Stagger’s forthcoming album ‘Love Versus’ is due for release April 7, 2017.

It’s been said before that love is a battlefield, and on his latest album Love Versus, Leeroy Stagger comes well armed. His ever-evolving fusion of roots, rock and pop reaches new heights on Love Versus, resulting in 10 tracks that confirm his status as one of Canada’s best contemporary singer/songwriters.

Leeroy Stagger’s ever-evolving fusion of roots, rock and pop has confirmed his status as one of Canada’s best contemporary singer/songwriters. Since first making his mark on the Canadian independent music scene at the turn of this century, Leeroy Stagger has toured the world, both on his own and with the likes of Steve Earle, Pixies, Modest Mouse and Evan Dando.

I would say that ‘Love Versus’ would be my closest to fully realized album to date. I feel like something has changed in my songwriting over the last couple of years and like a nice wine it seems to be getting better with age and time.” – Leeroy Stagger

Stream the first single “I Want It All”:
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2kjD1mN
Apple Music: http://apple.co/2kL6jcl

Pre-order ‘Love Versus’ here:
True North: http://bit.ly/2l7yJOC
iTunes: http://ift.tt/2l5dTMJ

Leeroy Stagger, new video

My new album Love Versus is my closest to a fully realized record to date. It’s also a milestone for me being the first recording made at my home studio in Alberta. It was an amazing experience being totally immersed in what I was doing and it allowed me to set a new standard for my music and return re-energized. I was fortunate to have Pete Thomas from The Attractions play on the album and Colin Stewart (The New Pornographers, Black Mountain, Dan Mangan), produce it.
There is a lot of darkness and maybe a bit of cynicism on this album, but there is also more hope and joy on it than anything I’ve done in the past. This is exemplified in the first single “I Want It All” which I just released a video for.
Watch and share “I Want It All” on YouTube. Read more about it at Paste.
The inspiration for “I Want It All” came about after meditating on the idea of being grateful for what I have as opposed to the things I want or feel I need. It also acts as a call to action for artists today to speak truthfully or create truthful art.
Love Versus will be released on April 7, 2017 via True North Records.

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Cicada Rhythm “Dirty Hound”
Cicada Rhythm performing “Dirty Hound” at Music City Roots Live From The Factory on 1.25.2017