Muddy Gurdy – French Hurdy Gurdy meets the North Mississippi Hill Country Blues.

These punchy, wonderful recordings not only propagate the blues. They enrich its character, and most importantly, its significance. This is one of the most interesting collaborations of blues we have heard in some time.  A trio of French musicians – Tia Goutteble (guitar, voice), Gilles Chabenat (Hurdy-Gurdy – a traditional … Continue reading

Val Starr & the Blues Rocket finish a great week at NUMBER ONE

After spending at week in Memphis  appearing  in two special showcase performances during the IBC week, being called up to do a spot at the world famous Silky O’Sulivans by Barbara Blue, visiting all the  sites that Memphis has to offer, suffering with the coldest weather Memphis had for 20 years,being … Continue reading

Winter Wilson Far Off on the Horizon not so far off now.

Two years ago Kip and Dave released  Ashes to Dust  by far the best folk album of 2016,  13 excellent songs which highlighted the couples skills. This year they have disappointed  us  with their new release “Far Off on the Horizon”. Only 12 gorgeous,luscious,timeless songs. If they spent less time strolling … Continue reading

TME.FM Radio’s Top Songs Of 2017.

Below is the playlist of our 20 favorite songs of 2017. Yes I know there are 42 but without declaring war among ourselves we could not make the list any smaller. We had to use dirty tricks,back stabbing,bribery,coercion and  payment of favors but the 7 of us finally agreed. We apologize to … Continue reading