Specials coming up on TME.fm Radio over the next few weeks.

    Starting when I post it is starting ok.

    I sent out the mail below and the response has been fantastic. In fact so good the same idea will be done on Radio BluesFlac.

    Hi there fellow music lovers, music makers, music promoters and any one else on my mailing list.

    First off an apology for sending you all the same email, I don’t enjoy receiving them much and I am sure you all don’t either.

    As you may know I spend a lot of time working on my radio stations and sometimes I kinda run out of ideas of what to play next.

    Yes I know I could play you or yours but I do like a bit of variety.

    What I am planning on doing is a couple of times a week or maybe three or four, choosing a “Favorite Album” from the 20th Century.

    The album will be played in its entirity from track one to the scratchy bit at the end. The event will be advertised so I can mention a few names the day before on social media and the radio web site for the person who reads it.

    You would think at my age that would be easy but it’s not.

    I have literally 10’s of thousands of physical CD’s plus one or two in digital form. I stand in front of them and start to decide what to listen to and of course it is one of the two or three I always end up choosing.

    You have all been there. That is the kind of album I want you to name for me.

    It doesn’t have to be the “album that influenced me” it’s the album you always listened to when you was younger and possibly still listen to.

    One album that is all.

    You don’t have to spend hours replying just the name of the artist and album.

    One pick ok. But if you ask your producer or drummer, guitarist, piano tuner, husband come rythmn guitarist, wife come pot washer then add their choice too.


    What do you get out of it?

    A lovely warm feeling as I digitally cuddle you plus getting mentioned that you are a wonderful person on social media.

    If you have music presently on or trying to get on the RMR Charts then it is more than possible you will get a few extra spins before and after the album of your choice.

    I get the chance to listen to some great albums and not just a few tracks so please spend a few seconds to reply and make me happy.



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    1. This is a great idea!!! Can’t wait to hear the results

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