Wild Rabbit Salad In The Studio With Noted Producer Michael Mikulka At Lucky Run Studio Houston

    This will be Bucky and Marietta’s fifth consecutive release

    Houston TX (May 27 2021) – Wild Rabbit Salad is back at it live and in the studio. Five songs into their 5th album and they are back with award winning producer Michael Mikulka at Lucky Run Studio in Houston. They’re last album charted a top 10 single on the Indie Country charts and reviewers tagged them as “one of the great under the radar Americana duos”. They will be performing two live shows over Memorial Day Weekend. May 28 at GuadalaHarry’s in Conroe Texas and May 29 at the 8th Wonder Brewery in Houston. Wild Rabbit Salad will be performing in full force as a five piece band.  They’ll be looking to make you wanna get up and dance.  Live this weekend and be sure to watch for the upcoming release date of their fifth album.
    About Wild Rabbit Salad
    Wild Rabbit Salad: Energetic and entertaining live. Marietta is a classically-trained Texan and Bucky is a home-schooled Bama boy. Associated Press, Steve Wine: Houston-based Bucky and Marietta, a duo professionally and personally, bring to their fourth album a relaxed, charming vibe. Both have striking voices. It’s a set unlikely to duplicate anything already on any musical menu. Bill Bentley, Bentleys Bandstand, Americana Highways “Bucky and Marietta fit together like grits and gravy, and zero in on backwoods wailing crossed with urban beauty. As the world spins in unpredictable ways, music like this can be an anchor to the challenges that confront those with the courage to take them on. Start a fire.” Chris Spector, Mid West Record Entertainment “One of the great under the radar Americana duos with a magic that makes even the somber sound celebratory. Mixing southern rock and classical chops, this duo is expert at finding the sweet spot where to all works in ways you wouldn’t believe. Even finding the bridge between Hank and Townes, it could only have gestated in Texas. Killer stuff.”
    Marietta and Bucky Performing “Lying”
    Jeff Burger: January 2020
    “I’d never heard of Wild Rabbit Salad until the duo’s fourth album arrived in the mail, but I won’t soon forget them.”
    Bentley’s Bandstand: January 2020
    “Bucky and Marietta fit together like grits and gravy, and zero in on backwoods wailing crossed with urban beauty.”
    One really cool CD
    “Trouble in Town”
    Great Birthday gift idea
    Merchandise Link for Wild Rabbit Salad’s “Trouble In Town”
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