Five pm in NEW YORK we have a “First to Last” album, Tapestry by Carole King. Chosen by Josie Bello of Long Island fame.

    5pm on the Atlantic Seaboard is 11pm  my time, must post-it to not forget.

    Our second full album is chosen by

    Josie Bello who is a performing songwriter based out of Huntington, NY.

    Her music is a mix of thoughtful lyrics and folk-style melodies.

    Get a copy of here latest album here Have Purpose Live Long

    Also available is Josie’s  Uptempo, Rootsy, Americana Blues tune wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day while taking jabs at what has become the hallmark of American summer celebrations–bbq and beer drinking! The lyrics take a humorous look at how Americans are celebrating their independence while beholden–yet largely indifferent–to the economic and social inequities of our time.

    Happy Independence Day

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    1. What a nice surprise to see that my favorite album of all time was chosen to be played on TME.fm in its entirety! And thank you TME.fm for your continued support of my music!

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