TMEfm Radio album of the month for July is EG Kight – The Trio Sessions.

    EG Kight has a direct connection to the planet, and Mother Earth has paved a path of strength, power, and grace that EG travels every day.

    Nestled in rural Georgia, EG has grown deep roots on her land, originally settled by her great-grandfather. Her passions include her music, her God, her goats, and her guitar. She is also an accomplished and published photographer. And she now adds author to her resume, with her first children’s book.

    EG says what brings her joy is connecting with her fans. “It’s good for what ails you,” she says. She clearly has used that camaraderie with her fans to pull her through dark days. She has cheated death twice: once from a virus attacking her brain, and once from a pitbull attack.

    These experiences only heightened her passion for music.

    Sometimes in your life you get a rare opportunity to experience a legend at work. Even more rare is to meet and eventually befriend that legend. This happened for EG when she met Grammy award winning Koko Taylor, and it made a tremendous impact on her approach to music, especially the blues.

    EG and Blues Hall of Famer Taylor became fast friends, and during their time together, EG learned as many lessons from Taylor as she could. Koko herself found EG’s songwriting to be so good that she included one of EG’s songs on each of her last two albums. Koko’s impact is unmistakable when you see and hear EG perform.

    The earth spirit is strong with EG Kight, and the blues is alive and well. I am convinced her strength and positive outlook on life will resonate with you. It’s like taking a barefoot walk through the garden and finding a harvest full of life lessons.

    Whit “Witness” Hubner III
    WMOT Roots Radio 89.5fm

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