The start of RRR (Riff & Roots Radio)

    The new replacement for TMEfm is Riff & Roots Radio locally known as RRR (pronounced however you want, I think Triple RRR sounds good). The music will be the same.

    And it is now live!

    There is a player on the website or a stand alone browser player here https://a6.asurahosting.com/public/riff__roots_radio

    The URL for media players is https://a6.asurahosting.com:7420/radio.mp3 It works on Clementine so it should work on the others too.

    The site has a working SSL so the web site is secure and protected therefore there is no problem using Paypal to donate (when I get round to installing it)

    This site (TME.fm) will disappear soon so now is the time to say Thank you for everything listeners and I will look forward to seeing you at RRR (Riff & Roots Radio) so it is not really goodbye.

    The End Of TME

    In the near future tmefm radio will disappear to be replaced by RIFF & ROOTS RADIO.

    A change in server has forced this decision on us and we feel sad but also excited.

    When the change happens it will be sudden so check at riffroots.com to listen.

    We will be on https://www.internet-radio.com/ so search for RIFF & ROOTS RADIO.

    Holidays and repair/renewal downtime

    TMEfm Radio and Radio Bluesflac will be down for approx two weeks as from 23rd June.

    Sorry for loss of service during this time but we will be coming back fresher and fitter.

    Friday 6th May @ 9am TMEfm radio will be down for maintenance.

    Yes we have the electricians doing their thing Friday morning,, hopefully will only be a few hours before we are back online.

    Sorry for the break in service.

    Thursday’s Special is a lot of Americana Country from the 2018 RMR Chart

    In between our usual eclectic mix of chart and promo songs we visit 2018 to listen to the best of Americana Country.


    The most listened to songs on TMEfm so far in July

    Interesting to see what autodj plays while I am elsewhere. It has good taste I have to say.


    1 The Halley DeVestern Band – Mercy
    2 The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band – Redbuds
    3 The Reverend Shawn Amos – Moved
    4 EG Kight – EG talkin’
    5 Hank & Ella with the Fine Country Band – Daydreamin
    6 Veronica Lewis – You Ain’t Unlucky
    7 Morgan Wade – Wilder Days
    8 Kelly’s Lot – Sleep
    9 Reverend Freakchild – Personal Jesus (On the Mainline)
    10 3 Pairs of Boots – Liberty

    Schedule for week 19th to 25th July on TMEFM RADIO.

    Week on tmefm is as follows,
    Monday a lot of chart songs,
    Tuesday a lot of promo songs,
    Wednesday a lot of Americana,
    Thursday a lot of oldies,
    and Friday the Weekend Special starts.

    Weekend on TME & BluesFlac has a lot of British Blues.

    Don’t forget our weekend starts in New Zealand and ends on California so it’s a long one.

    This weekend full of British Blues here and on Radio Bluesflac.