Kelly’s Lot has new album ready and waiting for release August 28, 2020

    California based band releases their 15th album in 26
    years. Another Sky is Contemporary Folk, Roots Rock,
    and at times, Alt Country. Americana with Guts and Heart.
    Co-produced with Doug Pettibone, pedal steel, mandolin
    and guitar player who has toured with John Mayer, Lucinda
    Williams, Zucchero and most recently Kiefer Sutherland
    After playing the Blues for the last 10 years, Kelly’s Lot
    returns to their Folk beginnings, featuring songs inspired by
    words from their fans and the hearts of those they

    Focus Songs
    A Contemporary Folk song that brings on happy tears as
    you say goodbye to those you love. The guitar dances with
    the mandolin and the background vocals hug the singer in
    a warm blanket. The song celebrates those we love who
    will continue to fly like a butterfly.

    A Roots Rock song inspired by everlasting love and the
    sacrifice that soldiers make as they travel to distant lands.
    With an Irish feel, the guitars and fiddle harmonize on a
    bed of drums, bass, pedal steel and B3.

    A Little History
    Kelly’s Lot was formed in 1994 by Kelly Zirbes, a Folk
    singer/songwriter with a heart for the Blues. In 1996 Kelly Z
    met guitar player and soundman, Perry Robertson, who
    soon after produced ‘Kelly’s Lot – Live at the Troubadour’.
    Within a year he joined the band, started writing songs with
    Kelly Z and added the southern sound and Texas
    influences that have shaped their music. In May and June
    of 2020, Kelly Z and Perry worked with Doug Pettibone to
    record a new selection of Contemporary Folk and Roots
    Rock songs. Six of the songs on the album were inspired
    by words from fans on Facebook. Kelly Z challenged them
    to look in their hearts and share just one word. She then
    chose a word and wrote a song in two hours.
    As a duo, a 4 piece, or a full 8 piece band they always pack
    a lot of energy while still getting to the heart of the listener.

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