Songs on very heavy rotation for the first seven days of july.

  Rod Picott – The Ballad of the Magic Rats Silas J. Dirge – Hear Its Roar (When It’s Black) Veronica Lewis – You Ain’t Unlucky Michelle & Jason Hannan – Everything I’ve Got’s in Tennessee Mark Collie – Queen of a Hungry Heart (The Wager) Morgan Wade – Wilder… Continue reading

TMEfm Radio album of the month for July is EG Kight – The Trio Sessions.

EG Kight has a direct connection to the planet, and Mother Earth has paved a path of strength, power, and grace that EG travels every day. Nestled in rural Georgia, EG has grown deep roots on her land, originally settled by her great-grandfather. Her passions include her music, her God,… Continue reading