TME (Pronounced) TIME to say goodbye goodbye to songs from 2020 on rotation.

Yes it’s that horrible day when all songs from 2020 are removed from all rotations. That doesn’t mean none will get played just not on a regular basis. So this weekend we will be featuring songs from 2020 among our usual promo tracks and our rotations. Thank you everyone for… Continue reading

Five pm in NEW YORK we have a “First to Last” album, Tapestry by Carole King. Chosen by Josie Bello of Long Island fame.

5pm on the Atlantic Seaboard is 11pm  my time, must post-it to not forget. Our second full album is chosen by Josie Bello who is a performing songwriter based out of Huntington, NY. Her music is a mix of thoughtful lyrics and folk-style melodies. Get a copy of here latest… Continue reading


Finally after the dramatic 13th Round when Referee Dykspykable Dick Slack moved in to separate the girls and received a couple of low blows which put him out of action we are happy to report he is now fit enough to use his scorecard to declare a winner after the… Continue reading

Wild Rabbit Salad In The Studio With Noted Producer Michael Mikulka At Lucky Run Studio Houston

This will be Bucky and Marietta’s fifth consecutive release Houston TX (May 27 2021) – Wild Rabbit Salad is back at it live and in the studio. Five songs into their 5th album and they are back with award winning producer Michael Mikulka at Lucky Run Studio in Houston. They’re last album charted a top… Continue reading

10 pm C.E.T. Thursday 27th May. Our first “First to Last” Album and it is Ashes to Dust by Winter Wilson.

Join us and listen to British Folk music at its best.   I know I said 20th Century. I know Ashes to Dust is from 2016. I know I am the Boss and can do what I want and this wonderful Folk album was the inspiration for this series of… Continue reading

Donna Herula on Video performing I Got No Way Home.

With a Day between Rounds in our “2021 FEMALE ACOUSTIC BLUES CHAMPIONSHIP (SUPER FLYWEIGHT DIVISION)” we are posting some post action from the ladies involved. Here we have Donna Herula (vocals, slide guitar), Joanna Connor (slide guitar, backup vocals) and Katherine Davis (backup vocals) perform Donna’s original song “I Got… Continue reading

The Music Emporium Radio © ℗®™ proudly presents. “THE 2021 FEMALE ACOUSTIC BLUES CHAMPIONSHIP (SUPER FLYWEIGHT DIVISION)”. Venues Radio BluesFlac &TME.fm Radio.

  Everyone has done “The Artist of the Month”.  Spun “The Album of the Week”. Chosen “The Song of the Season”. Spotlighted everything down to the combination of nail varnish Artists wear on fingers and toes. But not even BBC Radio 6s Chris “Snik” Hawkins has used a virtual combat… Continue reading