August’s Spotlight Album keeps climbing the charts, well done Josie bello

    Have Purpose, Live Long is a collection of 8 original Josie Bello songs, and is be available for streaming and download through most popular music sites like Spotify, Soundcloud and Amazon. Physical CDs are be available for purchase at Bandcamp and CD Baby. The album was produced and recorded by… Continue reading

    Kelly’s Lot has new album ready and waiting for release August 28, 2020

    California based band releases their 15th album in 26 years. Another Sky is Contemporary Folk, Roots Rock, and at times, Alt Country. Americana with Guts and Heart. Co-produced with Doug Pettibone, pedal steel, mandolin and guitar player who has toured with John Mayer, Lucinda Williams, Zucchero and most recently Kiefer… Continue reading

    Waxahatchee – Saint Cloud, a Jon Hutchinson review

    There are people who exist on the same list of foods their entire life, eating a confined diet of trusted fare, trading adventure for trust. All the efforts of celebrity chefs and lifestyle magazines and websites to tempt them to set forth on treks of discovery, through different cultures and… Continue reading

    We have a Spotlight Album for August! never mind Covid, Josie Bello releases “Have Purpose Live Long” on the First of the Month.

    Quite a Hiatus but “Spotlight album” is back. One of our favorite Artists Josie Bello releases Have Purpose Live Long And we love it! Have Purpose, Live Long is a collection of 8 original Josie Bello songs, and will be available for streaming and download through most popular music sites… Continue reading

    Have Purpose Live Long – Josie Bello, from a radio station managers point of view

    Not a review as such because our Station Manager is not a reviewer, the following words are his thoughts on Josie’s sophomore album.   “Eight tracks so not too much to listen to, some of those 14 track albums take some listening to. Having waited for months to hear Josie’s… Continue reading

    Aoife O’Donovan – Bull Frogs Croon (and other songs). A Music Emporium Review by Jon Hutchinson.

    Great singer songwriters work within the spaces of music, making the most of a self-imposed rationing of their talent, creating subtlety where others chase chaos and noise. Aoife O’Donovan has captured the art of seemingly effortless creativity, weaving fine threads of poetry around the light frameworks of her music. There… Continue reading

    Our FLAC service is now online and called TMEFOLK RADIO.

    Beta testing went well and TMEFOLK RADIO is now live for everyone to enjoy. Playing a great mix of Americana, Folk, Blues, Roots, Country and more old and new songs. Just add https://streams.radiomast.io/tmefolk to your favorite player. Or if you use iPhone/iPad then add http://ingest-ams.radiomast.io/tmefolk to the VLC app to… Continue reading

    Album of the Month for February 2020 is WHAT THEY SAY – CW AYON

    ”What They Say ” is already showing in the RMR Charts and well deserved too. ”What They Say” ranked #3 on the official Australian Blues & Roots Airplay Charts for International Blues Airplay for the month of December 2019 (Chart #55) www.abarac.com.au. He’ll be touring Australia in mid-May, and has East Coast… Continue reading

    New Single “Reckless Daydreams” by Trevor Alguire

      Reckless Daydreams – the new single, marks the first taste of Trevor Alguire’s 7th album, bringing with it a maturity in songwriting seldom seen and rarely reached, captured by only a select few of this country’s most prolific well-travelled veteran songwriters. Alguire draws from over a decade of touring… Continue reading