TME (Pronounced) TIME to say goodbye goodbye to songs from 2020 on rotation.

    Yes it’s that horrible day when all songs from 2020 are removed from all rotations. That doesn’t mean none will get played just not on a regular basis.

    So this weekend we will be featuring songs from 2020 among our usual promo tracks and our rotations.

    Thank you everyone for all the music produced during the difficult year, we love you all.

    Nine songs make our really heavy rotation for the next seven days.

    Really Heavy Rotation = every 8 hours they get a play. Give the world a chance to hear them.

    Dirk Powell – Ain’t Never Fell
    The Chicks – Julianna Calm Down
    Clarence Spady – If My Life Was A Book
    Lucero – Outrun the Moon
    Mellow Blues – Coffeeshop Blues
    Parker Millsap – The Real Thing
    Wildcat O’Halloran Band – Crossin’ Off
    Donna Herula – Got What I Deserve
    JP Williams Blues Band – Don’t Let The Devil Ride

    Five pm in NEW YORK we have a “First to Last” album, Tapestry by Carole King. Chosen by Josie Bello of Long Island fame.

    5pm on the Atlantic Seaboard is 11pm  my time, must post-it to not forget.

    Our second full album is chosen by

    Josie Bello who is a performing songwriter based out of Huntington, NY.

    Her music is a mix of thoughtful lyrics and folk-style melodies.

    Get a copy of here latest album here Have Purpose Live Long

    Also available is Josie’s  Uptempo, Rootsy, Americana Blues tune wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day while taking jabs at what has become the hallmark of American summer celebrations–bbq and beer drinking! The lyrics take a humorous look at how Americans are celebrating their independence while beholden–yet largely indifferent–to the economic and social inequities of our time.

    Happy Independence Day

    What’s coming up this weekend on TMEfm.

    This weekend we will be trying to play as many songs as possible that we have received from artists and PR Companies in 2021.

    Competing with the airtime will be our usual eclectic mix of old songs, some of them our favorites others that haven’t had a spin on TMEfm Radio.

    There will be a few  #COVERED songs.

    If time allows we will fit in a First to last album.


    Finally after the dramatic 13th Round when Referee Dykspykable Dick Slack moved in to separate the girls and received a couple of low blows which put him out of action we are happy to report he is now fit enough to use his scorecard to declare a winner after the judges had called a draw.


    “It is always difficult for the referee to call the result from his scorecard, which has been under lock and key since I was put into a coma, but it has to be done.”

    “The judges were split equally on the result (rumors about a pay-off could be true) so it is my decision that counts.”

    “Kelly’s Lot came out “stronger” and more than once Donna “Got what she deserved” but she came back “fixin to die” and gave Kelly the “Black eye Blues”.”

    “I had to delete points from both for excessive time spent repairing makeup and time cooking in the kitchen.”

    The seconds were both warned for excessive corner fondling”

    “Plus not being able to score the final 13th round my card shows the contest was a draw.”

    “A result I am sure the long departed crowd would agree with.”


    So there we have it straight from the horses mouth. A DRAW.

    Reviews of the competitors efforts will follow as soon as the reporters get over the shock of the result being called a Draw.

    Wild Rabbit Salad In The Studio With Noted Producer Michael Mikulka At Lucky Run Studio Houston

    This will be Bucky and Marietta’s fifth consecutive release

    Houston TX (May 27 2021) – Wild Rabbit Salad is back at it live and in the studio. Five songs into their 5th album and they are back with award winning producer Michael Mikulka at Lucky Run Studio in Houston. They’re last album charted a top 10 single on the Indie Country charts and reviewers tagged them as “one of the great under the radar Americana duos”. They will be performing two live shows over Memorial Day Weekend. May 28 at GuadalaHarry’s in Conroe Texas and May 29 at the 8th Wonder Brewery in Houston. Wild Rabbit Salad will be performing in full force as a five piece band.  They’ll be looking to make you wanna get up and dance.  Live this weekend and be sure to watch for the upcoming release date of their fifth album.
    About Wild Rabbit Salad
    Wild Rabbit Salad: Energetic and entertaining live. Marietta is a classically-trained Texan and Bucky is a home-schooled Bama boy. Associated Press, Steve Wine: Houston-based Bucky and Marietta, a duo professionally and personally, bring to their fourth album a relaxed, charming vibe. Both have striking voices. It’s a set unlikely to duplicate anything already on any musical menu. Bill Bentley, Bentleys Bandstand, Americana Highways “Bucky and Marietta fit together like grits and gravy, and zero in on backwoods wailing crossed with urban beauty. As the world spins in unpredictable ways, music like this can be an anchor to the challenges that confront those with the courage to take them on. Start a fire.” Chris Spector, Mid West Record Entertainment “One of the great under the radar Americana duos with a magic that makes even the somber sound celebratory. Mixing southern rock and classical chops, this duo is expert at finding the sweet spot where to all works in ways you wouldn’t believe. Even finding the bridge between Hank and Townes, it could only have gestated in Texas. Killer stuff.”
    Marietta and Bucky Performing “Lying”
    Jeff Burger: January 2020
    “I’d never heard of Wild Rabbit Salad until the duo’s fourth album arrived in the mail, but I won’t soon forget them.”
    Bentley’s Bandstand: January 2020
    “Bucky and Marietta fit together like grits and gravy, and zero in on backwoods wailing crossed with urban beauty.”
    One really cool CD
    “Trouble in Town”
    Great Birthday gift idea
    Merchandise Link for Wild Rabbit Salad’s “Trouble In Town”
    Facebook Facebook
    Twitter Twitter
    Website Website
    Instagram Instagram

    10 pm C.E.T. Thursday 27th May. Our first “First to Last” Album and it is Ashes to Dust by Winter Wilson.

    Join us and listen to British Folk music at its best.


    I know I said 20th Century.

    I know Ashes to Dust is from 2016.

    I know I am the Boss and can do what I want and this wonderful Folk album was the inspiration for this series of Albums played in full.

    I could write for hours about Kip and Dave and never say a bad word about them, their music and their dedication to work.

    But I am Lazy and here is a link to their excellent web page, well worth a visit.



    Specials coming up on TME.fm Radio over the next few weeks.

    Starting when I post it is starting ok.

    I sent out the mail below and the response has been fantastic. In fact so good the same idea will be done on Radio BluesFlac.

    Hi there fellow music lovers, music makers, music promoters and any one else on my mailing list.

    First off an apology for sending you all the same email, I don’t enjoy receiving them much and I am sure you all don’t either.

    As you may know I spend a lot of time working on my radio stations and sometimes I kinda run out of ideas of what to play next.

    Yes I know I could play you or yours but I do like a bit of variety.

    What I am planning on doing is a couple of times a week or maybe three or four, choosing a “Favorite Album” from the 20th Century.

    The album will be played in its entirity from track one to the scratchy bit at the end. The event will be advertised so I can mention a few names the day before on social media and the radio web site for the person who reads it.

    You would think at my age that would be easy but it’s not.

    I have literally 10’s of thousands of physical CD’s plus one or two in digital form. I stand in front of them and start to decide what to listen to and of course it is one of the two or three I always end up choosing.

    You have all been there. That is the kind of album I want you to name for me.

    It doesn’t have to be the “album that influenced me” it’s the album you always listened to when you was younger and possibly still listen to.

    One album that is all.

    You don’t have to spend hours replying just the name of the artist and album.

    One pick ok. But if you ask your producer or drummer, guitarist, piano tuner, husband come rythmn guitarist, wife come pot washer then add their choice too.


    What do you get out of it?

    A lovely warm feeling as I digitally cuddle you plus getting mentioned that you are a wonderful person on social media.

    If you have music presently on or trying to get on the RMR Charts then it is more than possible you will get a few extra spins before and after the album of your choice.

    I get the chance to listen to some great albums and not just a few tracks so please spend a few seconds to reply and make me happy.



    Donna Herula on Video performing I Got No Way Home.

    With a Day between Rounds in our “2021 FEMALE ACOUSTIC BLUES CHAMPIONSHIP (SUPER FLYWEIGHT DIVISION)” we are posting some post action from the ladies involved.

    Here we have Donna Herula (vocals, slide guitar), Joanna Connor (slide guitar, backup vocals) and Katherine Davis (backup vocals) perform Donna’s original song “I Got No Way Home” (a tune on Donna’s May 2021 release Bang at the Door). The online Trading 4’s Slide by Slide Concert was through the Chicago Blues Network (aka At Home Chicago Blues). For more information, visit: http://donnaherula.com.

    The Music Emporium Radio © ℗®™ proudly presents. “THE 2021 FEMALE ACOUSTIC BLUES CHAMPIONSHIP (SUPER FLYWEIGHT DIVISION)”. Venues Radio BluesFlac &TME.fm Radio.


    Everyone has done “The Artist of the Month”.  Spun “The Album of the Week”. Chosen “The Song of the Season”.

    Spotlighted everything down to the combination of nail varnish Artists wear on fingers and toes.

    But not even BBC Radio 6s Chris “Snik” Hawkins has used a virtual combat between two of his favorite female Acoustic Blues Artists and their upcoming album releases as an excuse to give ’em extra airtime.

    Sorry “Snikwah”, idea is  © ℗®™ .

    Going further no one has thought of using his  Son to tweet this link to Mr. Hawkins ad infinitum ♾️ until “Snik” has sniggered and retweeted and mentioned this Virtual Sporting Event on his Morning show.

    Queensbury Rules have been suspended.

    Fight to the finish, probably (a) round 31 (May).

    No double taps or back to back tracks from the same same artist. At least while the Referee is attentive.

    Album with least number of tracks chooses corner and comes out fighting first.

    No more than one hour between the end of round and “Seconds Out” for make- up repairs.

    Seconds to be live-in #2’s and appear on the album in one or more roles.

    According to a very small snippet in the Virtual Boxing News, the Referee enjoys looking at his collection of “signed “vinyls and CD’s as much as Rod Stewart trains. Dick. goes into a swoon when reading the ones signed “To Richard, my favorite Dick” or just ” To my favorite Dick.”

    We had a Rumble in the Jungle and a Thriller in Manila in the good old 20th Century. Now in the virtual 21st we get Zirbes takes Belladonna.

    Yes L.A’s Kelly’s Lot taking on Chicago’s Donna Herula in a battle of Voices, Guitars and Songwriting.

    With Perry and Tony as Seconds in the corners this is a true no punches held, Mano a Mano fisticuffs.

    With Donna banging at the door and Kelly asking where and when, everything is finally set up for a head to head cat fight, with the corners prepared for black eyes using black ice.

    Referee (spellchecker used.)  Dick “Dykspykable” Slack has been reportedly saying one contestant is “fixin’ to Die” and the other “Lost” and in “Heaven”.

    The weigh-in was held in private as as not to cause any embarrassment (spellchecker again.) but rumors say there was plenty of hair pulling and eye scratching at the post weigh-in cup of tea after Donna demanded Kelly pass the biscuits and Kelly calling Donna “that fool”.

    The bell for the first round starts roundabout now! so get that stream streaming and listen in to what the girls have to offer.

    RED CORNER.  https://www.getmeradio.com/stations/tmefmradio-1287/?station_id=1287

    BLUE CORNER. https://www.getmeradio.com/stations/radiobluesflac-1288/?station_id=1288

    Below are the official statistics of both contestants collated by Rick J Bowen and thanks to Copy/Paste ®™ their pro’s and con’s in their own words!


    Donna Herula is a Chicago-born singer and acoustic blues slide guitarist that has a passion for playing traditional Delta and country Blues, early Chicago Blues, folk, roots, and Americana in addition to original songs. Using acoustic and electrified resonator guitars, her sound combines her love for music of the Deep South and Chicago with her love of blues guitar improvisation. Her songwriting tips the hat to the tradition while creating a fresh, contemporary perspectives on blues and roots music.

    In 2016, Donna was inducted into the Chicago Blues Hall of Fame. The same year, Acoustic Guitar Magazine featured her in an article, “Down and Dirty: 10 contemporary resonator players talk about their love for that nasty sound.” In April 2018, she was featured in the Blues Blast Magazine article, Chicago Blues Guitar Women.

    Donna has been a regular performer at Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago for the past 10 years and has opened for Buddy Guy multiple times. She has performed at the Chicago Blues Festival, King Biscuit Blues Festival, the Juke Joint Fest, the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival, the Woodstock Folk Festival, Fox Valley Folk Music and Storytelling Festival and was also the headliner at the Durban International Blues Festival in South Africa.

    Donna is a guitar teacher at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago where she teaches fingerstyle and slide guitar. She has taught at Blues & Swing Week at the Augusta Heritage Center of Davis & Elkins College (WV) and the Great Guitar Camp (NC). She has provided numerous Blues in the Schools and blues educational programs. She plays solo, in a duo with her husband, Tony Nardiello, and in a trio/band. Donna’s inspirations include: Son House, Fred McDowell, Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter, Lucinda Williams, Lyle Lovett, and Rory Block.


    Kelly’s Lot was formed in 1994 by Kelly Zirbes, a folk singer/songwriter with a heart for the blues. With
    15 CDs and lots of touring in the USA and Europe, the band celebrates 27 years since the first night the
    band hit the stage at the Roxy in Hollywood. Kelly Z met guitar player and soundman, Perry Robertson in
    1996, who soon after produced ‘Kelly’s Lot – Live at the Troubadour’. Within a year he joined the band,
    started writing songs with Kelly Z and added the southern rock and Texas influences that have shaped
    their sound.
    As a duo or band, they have played coffee shops, theaters, festivals, clubs, house concerts and a variety
    of events. In the last 10 years they have played as a 5–8-piece blues band that is well respected in the
    American blues scene. Some of the larger festivals they have played are Waterfront Blues, Simi Valley
    Cajun and Blues Festival, Ventura County Blues Festival, and Lavaudieu Music Festival. Their songs have
    been heard in movies and television and covered by other artists.
    Perry Robertson, who shares songwriting and band leader credits with Kelly Z, has recorded and
    produced most of the band’s music including the 2019 release ‘Can’t Take My Soul’ which featured
    Americana, Blues, Folk and Roots/Rock creations. In May and June of 2020, Kelly Z and Perry worked
    with Doug Pettibone to record a new selection of songs, ‘ANOTHER SKY’ that also fit in
    those Americana genres including six of the tracks on the album that were inspired by words from fans
    on Facebook. The album charted for several months in the top 10 on the Roots Music Report
    Contemporary Folk and top 20 on the Folk chart as well as in the top 50 Folk DJ chart in the fall 2020. In
    2021, it was back to the Blues with Kelly and Perry working again with Pettibone to record this ‘LIVE to
    Digital’ Acoustic Blues release, ‘WHERE AND WHEN’ that releases on June 11.

    A brief perusal of their strong points by the ladies themselves.

    1) Stronger – Kelly and Perry were inspired to write this song by everything happening in the world. So
    many are feeling down, depressed, and trapped. We wanted to remind them that maybe these
    challenges will make us all stronger. A hopeful song to help us come out of a tough situation.
    2) Somebody In My Home – Kelly chose this song from Howlin’ Wolf for its slow-moving groove and
    message about infidelity and who’s to blame. We all want love in a relationship but without it we may
    stray. Howlin’ Wolf writes the lyrics as the person who didn’t love their partner enough, which created a
    path for his lover to welcome someone else into his home.
    3) Heaven – Kelly wrote the lyrics to this song after hearing Perry fiddling around on the guitar. Took
    them about 15 minutes from fiddling to finishing the song. They like to think of this song as a spiritual
    that doesn’t want to surrender. The truth is we don’t want to miss out on things when it is our time to
    leave this earth.
    4) Jealous Hearted Love – Lovie Austin wrote this, and Ma Rainey made it known. It’s one of Kelly’s
    favorite Ma Rainey tunes and Lovie’s lyrics about jealousy makes for some smiles instead of the ‘pit in
    your stomach’ jabs you get when you feel it.
    5) Lost – Perry challenged Kelly with a few guitar riffs to sing slower than she was used to and these
    words just came out. Depression is universal and those who feel it also know what it’s like to be lost.
    6) Nature – Another great twist by Howlin’ Wolf. His lyrics explain how it is natural for a man to be lookin’
    around or even being unfaithful. The twist is singing it as a woman who also has that choice. The upbeat
    vibe makes for a little fun.
    7) Where And When – This song was written for a project Kelly did about grief. But it was also inspired by
    the idea that we don’t spend enough time with each other.
    8) Stones In My Passway – Kelly knew she had to do this song by Robert Johnson because everyone can
    find a message in these lyrics. We all have stuff that gets in our way including those who love us and
    promise to respect us. You can also find a darker message too if you look for it, but it will come from
    your own experience because these lyrics let you do that!
    9) That Fool – Kelly and Perry wrote this to express the deep sorrow of loving someone who doesn’t love
    you back and the quest to find a way to stop doing it.
    10) Black Eye Blues – The hard part about covering this song is Kelly’s mother lived the same experience
    as ‘Miss Nancy Ann’. Domestic violence is too common of a thread in our world, but these lyrics and
    upbeat music give some hope in finding strength and hopefully making the decision to leave

    11) Ship – The phrase, “My ship is about to come in” morphed into this song about waiting for your ship
    when all along it is waiting for you to get on board.


    1. Bang at the Door: Pop/rock blues about a late-night visitor
    2. Pass the Biscuits: New Orleans style about relationship between musician and radio DJ host
    3. Can’t Wait to See My Baby: Chicago-Blues style duet about the excitement of love
    4. Promise Me: Folk song about the loss felt when a loved one is in prison (with slide guitar and mandolin)
    5. Not Lookin’ Back: Jazz lounge singer style about leaving a partner with a drug addiction
    6. I Got No Way Home: Chicago blues jam with piano, harmonica, guitar and three-part harmonies
    7. Black Ice: Brooding slide guitar instrumental
    8. Fixin’ to Die: Traditional Delta Blues with slide guitar solos (cover)
    9. Jackson: Ballad with acoustic guitar and slide with male lead and harmonies (cover)
    10. Movin’ Back Home: Comical ragtime song with call and response
    11. Got What I Deserve: A woman’s view on the tribulations of motherhood (with fiddle)
    12. Who’s Been Cookin’ in My Kitchen: Double entendre solo, acoustic blues
    13. Something’s Wrong With My Baby: Heartfelt vocals, desperation with loving a man with depression
    14. The Soul of a Man: Blues gospel with harmonies (cover)

    The after fight press conferences will also be held “in camera” and no cameras allowed.

    There will be no questions asked and an Official Press Release will be passed round.

    Finally a round by round summary will be posted here after being written with two of the three most influential voices in my life resonating in my head.

    Proudly dedicated to Eammon Andrews, Harry Carpenter and “mi Dad” whose knee I sat on to listen to the Boxing. “Why Dad?”